Have A Friend On Trial And Want To Do A Reference Letter? Here's What You Should Know

It can be frustrating to have a friend who is on trial because you don't know how you can help. A reference or recommendation letter can be one way for you to support your friend. Submitted to the judge presiding over the case, a reference letter might affect sentencing if your friend is convicted and the judge is considering how much time they should serve. If you would like to create this kind of letter, here's what you've got to know. [Read More]

Making the Right Choice Between a Known and an Anonymous Egg Donor

Couples experiencing fertility issues often have the option of accepting a donor egg from another woman for the couple carry to term naturally. But while this treatment can make an otherwise impossible family possible, it is also fraught with many potential issues that should not be taken lightly. The decision of whether to use a known or anonymous egg donor is one of the most important you can make prior to fertilization, and it isn't always an easy choice. [Read More]

Just Running Inside The Building For A Couple Minutes? Don't Leave Your Child Behind In The Car

Every spring and summer, there's a rash of infant injuries and deaths caused by heat exposure after the children are left unattended in hot cars while parents shop, work, or attend to other business. Even when a child doesn't die, the legal consequences can be extreme. Before you make a similar mistake, this is what you should consider. There is no safe way to leave a child alone in a car. [Read More]

The Facts About Teenage Drinking And Driving Every Parent Should Know

While they are certainly not the only age group to drink and drive, only about 1 in 10 teenagers do get behind the wheel after drinking, they are the most likely to suffer from serious injuries or even death from drinking and driving than any other age group. This doesn't mean your teenager will drink and then get behind the wheel, but it is important for parents to know the facts about teenage DUI before you let your teenager head off to that party in your car. [Read More]