Divorce And Your Adopted Children: What You Need To Know

Dealing with custody issues during a divorce can be difficult even in the best of circumstances, but parents of adopted children have extra considerations to take into account when determining custody arrangements Children who have been adopted may have a more difficult time coping with the divorce, as it may make them feel that they have been abandoned. Here are a few things to take into consideration and discuss with your family law attorney as you prepare your case. [Read More]

Frustrated After A VA Claim Denial? Don't Let It End Here!

The Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claim system can be frustrating because of the sometimes complex requirements and the lack of preparation given to military service-members before leaving the military. If you don't know why your claim was denied, rest assured that you can appeal as much as you want, and you may have better success by understanding a few of the following traits of the VA system. It's Not Your Fault, and the VA Understands [Read More]

Three Elements To Prove A Reasonable Execution Of Shopkeeper's Privilege

Some states have laws that allow businesses to detain customers they suspect of shoplifting. However, you must detain the suspect in a reasonable manner; otherwise, it won't be lawful. Here are three elements you may need to prove that your execution of the shopkeeper's privilege was lawful: Probable Cause Having probable cause means having a strong and reasonable suspicion that the person you are about to detain has indeed stolen a merchandise in your store. [Read More]

How Can You Reduce Or Eliminate Your Debt?

There are multiple options for relieving your debt burden, and the choice you should make will depend upon your individual situation. Some options offer temporary relief for a short term financial setback, while others provide a reduction or elimination of your debt.  Possible avenues for debt relief include: Contacting your creditors yourself  Most major creditors are willing to help their customers to weather a temporary financial difficulty. They can offer options such as payment deferments, which allow one or more payments to be skipped and paid at the end of a loan, or interest only payments, in which you pay only the monthly accrued interest. [Read More]