Important Details To Know About A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

An accident is dangerous and often leaves one with serious injuries that can result in death. Pedestrian accidents are common due to the growing number of vehicles on the road. Even though not all accidents lead to death, some people suffer life-altering injuries that lead to unemployment and loss of income. This article examines pedestrian accident lawyers, what they do, and why you should hire one. 

Who Is a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

A pedestrian accident attorney is a legal professional representing a road accident victim. They're licensed and allowed to work within a given jurisdiction and carry out legal representation duties. The lawyer establishes the motorist was at fault in the accident and the pedestrian was within their right to walk the path. A pedestrian is a person who is walking on foot on the road. 

What Does a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Do?

The priority of an attorney is to offer legal representation. They take on the mantle of handling any legal proceedings involving the case, allowing the victim time to focus on other things. Their extensive experience in this line of work gives them a competitive advantage in compiling and presenting your case to the court. Additionally, a pedestrian accident attorney offers legal counsel to the victim on the best way to approach the case. They'll inform you of any new legal changes related to your lawsuit. For instance, if there's an introduction of the minimum compensation for road accident victims, they'll inform you of such changes to ensure you get a clear picture of the entire case. An accident attorney also collects evidence on the case. They visit the crime scene and work with private investigators to collect any information that might be useful to your case. 

Why You Should Hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Peace of mind is the first benefit of hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer since they'll handle everything relating to your case. They file the correct paperwork, talk to the doctors regarding your case, compile helpful information, and argue your case in a courtroom. A lawyer also leads the negotiations and settlement with the defendant. They'll show why you deserve higher compensation by highlighting your injuries, bed rest period, and loss of income you'll suffer when out of work. They'll also negotiate with the insurance company, which will prefer settling outside the courtroom. 


A pedestrian accident lawyer is someone who represents a pedestrian involved in a road accident. They work around the clock by collecting evidence, recruiting witnesses, and compiling crucial information to boost your chances of winning the case. Contact a law firm such as Stawicki Anderson & Sinclair today if you need the services of a pedestrian accident attorney.