How To Avoid A Court Ordered Creditor Judgment Due To Hardship

If you have gotten behind on payments with a creditor, and you have not been able to reach a repayment agreement, the company may take you to court and get a judgment against you for the amount owed. A judgment is a serious mark against your credit record and one you want to avoid at all costs. If you can prove that you are unable to make payments due to a legitimate hardship, the courts may be able to offer you some sort of relief. [Read More]

Should You Short Sell Your Home Or Let The Bank Foreclose?

If you are having severe financial problems and are unable to pay your mortgage each month, then you need to make a decision about how you will dispose of your home's mortgage debt burden. If you had a lot of equity in your home, then you could just sell it and pay off the mortgage. However, without equity you have an "upside-down" mortgage on your property, so, you do not have this option unless you can pay off the balance due on the mortgage when the home sells. [Read More]

Why You Need To Hire A Lawyer Before Buying A Business

Becoming the owner of a business that is already established can be a rewarding experience. However, you can also end up with a deal that causes you to fall into a financial bind if you don't allow a lawyer to help with the sales contract. Find out in this article why a lawyer is needed when buying a business and how much his or her assistance might cost. How Can a Corporate Lawyer Assist with Buying a Business? [Read More]

Stay Sane During Your Divorce With These Three Tips

If you have just started divorce proceedings, it is not unusual that you are unhappy with your marriage and stressed out about the overall divorce process. You may start to feel angry or depressed on a day to day basis. However, there are some things you can do to maintain your sanity as you go through your divorce. Here are just some of the things you can do. 1. Plan Something Fun for the Future [Read More]