Ways To Handle A Child's Education Debt During A Divorce

The division of assets during a divorce is a topic that many couples think about considerably, but it's easy to overlook how you'll divide your debts, too. This is an important subject to go over with each other — or, if you're having trouble communicating in a civil manner, to raise with your respective divorce lawyers. One particularly challenging situation is when you have a child in post-secondary education and you've accrued significant education debt, which could be several thousands of dollars, depending on how much of the bill you're covering for your child. [Read More]

Dealing with a Disgruntled Employee Who May Need to Be Fired? Get Professional Legal Help

Trying to deal with a formerly good employee who has gone disgruntled can be a frustrating thing for any business to do on their own. Even worse, they may make mistakes when trying to fire the employee that threaten them with serious legal action. Thankfully, high-quality professional help can minimize this problem. Disgruntled Employees Can Be an Issue Many companies have to deal with angry, upset, or disgruntled employees from time to time. [Read More]

What Securities Law Does, And Why You Will Be Really Glad It Does What It Does

Securities are publicly traded investments. They are an excellent way to build an investment portfolio and make a decent amount of cash safely. Up until a few decades ago, however, securities had no governing laws, rules, or restrictions, which made them not so safe for investors who were not so savvy. When securities laws were constructed and introduced, they were invaluable for a number of reasons. Here is what securities law does, and why you will be very glad that these laws exist. [Read More]