2 Tips For Having Success At Mediation As The Plaintiff

When it comes to being involved in a legal dispute, this can be challenging. The uncertainty of not knowing if you will win the case or not can be mentally draining. Your role as the plaintiff in this situation is to attempt to recover your financial losses. You may be able to do this sooner, rather than later if you have success at mediation. Attending mediation is required by both you and the defendant. This is the time for you to work to settle the case outside of the courtroom. Knowing specific tips to help you do so can come in handy before going to this meeting.

Tip #1: List your losses: In order to receive the amount of money you feel you are owed by the defendant, you should create a list of your expenses. Listed below are items to include:

1. Time you lost from work because of your inability to perform.

2. Medical costs for your full recovery that may include doctor or hospital visits, as well as physical therapy.

3. Damage to your property if your injury was due to an automobile accident.

4. Additional expenses that you wouldn't have incurred if the injury didn't happen.

You may not need to present this information at mediation, but you should have a clear idea of your costs and have a figure in your mind before attending.

Tip #2: Prepare with your attorney: Take the time to go over the details of your case with your lawyer before going to mediation. You should be well-informed about the process and listed below are questions you can ask:

1. How long will the mediation last?

2. Is it okay to bring another person with you to this meeting?

3. Will you be required to meet in the same room as the defendant?

4. What is the role of the mediator?

5. Will the case dismissed immediately if it's settled?

Take the time to make a detailed list of topics to discuss ahead of time to help you have a better understanding of what will happen. Finally, resolving a dispute at mediation is entirely possible and may be in your best interest. Rely on the expertise of a litigation attorney to help guide you through the steps of mediation to have the greatest chance of success. Doing so may make it possible to avoid all of the necessary steps of litigating a case completely. (For more information, contact Halverson & Sheehy, PLLC)