What Do You Have To Prove In A Wrongful Death Case?

When someone else's negligence results in a death, a surviving family member of the deceased might file a civil wrongful death lawsuit to recover monetary damages. In a wrongful death case, the person who filed the lawsuit — the plaintiff — must prove their case to receive damages. Duty and Breach of Duty The first thing you'll need to prove if you file a wrongful death lawsuit is that the defendant owed a duty of " [Read More]

Do You Think Your Application For Social Security Is Getting Denied? Take These Steps

If you have taken it upon yourself to file for social security and you know that you have made errors and you fear that the application may not get accepted as you need, you will have to prepare for the denial. You want to start figuring out why you got denied, and you will want to find an attorney in the area that handles these types of cases. Here are some of the things that you have to take into consideration and ways that you can try to get it pushed through the second time. [Read More]

Making Your Divorce Easier To Manage

Going through a divorce is one of the most serious legal matters that you can find yourself facing over your life. In addition to having a high emotional impact on you, a divorce can also result in a sizable loss of assets or other major changes to your life. This makes being prepared for the legal aspects of your divorce essential to minimizing the potential long-term effects you can expect. [Read More]

How Blended Families Can Help A Child Heal After Divorce

When there is a divorce in a family, possibly no one suffers more than the children. One of the reasons children have such a difficult time dealing with divorce is the infighting that often happens between the spouses and families. Another difficult time is when a child's parent remarries into a new blended family. Ultimately, each family member, whether by blood or through marriage, has to work together and remain mature for the sake of the children. [Read More]