Private Disability Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a doctor, a contractor, or work in a restaurant you are at risk of being injured at work. If this occurs, workman's compensation benefits won't cover all your bills. Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is difficult and the process can take months. Private disability insurance can help you make ends meet until you are able to work again. Here are a few frequently asked questions about private disability insurance. [Read More]

Employer Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Workman's Compensation Claims

As an employer, one of the leading factors affecting your workman's compensation insurance policy rate is the number of claims filed by your employees. The fewer claims filed, the lower your rate will be. Also, the fewer claims made against your company, the less money you will need to pay to workman's compensation lawyers to defend your company's position when unjust or fraudulent claims are filed. While you can't stop your employees from filing a claim if they believe they are injured on the job, there are many things you can do to try and prevent unnecessary and fraudulent claims, including following each of these important tips. [Read More]

Commercial Litigation Strategies For Businesses On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy litigation has a very fast-paced and highly charged nature, and because of this, it needs a blend of comprehensive experience and strategic insight for it to succeed. Therefore, when your business is on the verge of bankruptcy, you need to consider commercial litigation and hire experienced business litigation attorneys in commercial litigation. Renowned bankruptcy attorneys usually combine their litigation experience with their expert knowledge on handling bankruptcy cases to produce favorable results for your business. [Read More]

Understand The Necessity Of Getting A Social Security Lawyer

When you want to apply for Social Security disability, you will want to take the time to consider hiring one of the best Social Security lawyers to assist you with this process. You have probably heard that applying for your disability benefits is something that you can do on your own. While this is certainly true, it might not end up being the best thing for you to do. To help you better understand, you will want to learn about the necessity of hiring a Social Security lawyer. [Read More]