Five Reasons A Naturalized American Can Lose Their Citizenship

Although it is rare, it is possible for a naturalized American citizen to be stripped of their citizenship. In most cases, this will result in being deported. The following are five situations in which this may happen.

You were given a dishonorable discharge from the military

If you became a citizen while serving in any branch of the military, you can be stripped of your citizenship if you were dishonorably discharged. However, there are specific circumstances that must accompany the dishonorable discharge. You must also be given a court-martial, and the reasons for the court-martial must fall within certain categories. One example is desertion.

You were a member of a terrorist group

If you were a member of any group that is considered to be an enemy of the United States, you can lose your citizenship. This affiliation to a subversive group must have been within the last few years of becoming a citizen. It is possible to be falsely accused of this association, or you could have been affiliated with a group many years ago in your youth.

You refuse to appear before congress

If congress is investigating a terrorist organization or any other group deemed an enemy of the state, a naturalized citizen, if asked, must appear before congress and answer questions. This is a rare occurrence, but it is a part of the law.

You lied on your application for citizenship

Whether it was intentional or not, it is possible to be lose your citizenship because of false information. This not only includes the application, but all documents submitted must be accurate and valid. All questions in interviews with immigration officials must also be answered truthfully. It is unlikely that an individual would be stripped of their citizenship because of an honest mistake, but in the event that it occurs, you should consult an immigration lawyer immediately.

You can lose your citizenship because of your parent

Children of naturalized citizens automatically become citizens when a parent becomes naturalized, as long as they are minors at the time their parent is naturalization. However, in the event that a parent loses their citizenship, a child will also lose their citizenship as well. Regardless of their age at the time their parent or parents are stripped of their citizenship.

Although it is rare for a naturalized American to lose their citizenship and be deported, it can happen. However, there can be cases of mistaken identity as well as clerical mistakes. If your naturalized citizenship seems to be in jeopardy for any reason, call an immigration attorney immediately.