Is Your Singing Career About To Take Off? See A Lawyer

If you have been asked to sing at some local venues and people are starting to take notice of your singing abilities, along with your song writing talents, it's time to meet with a lawyer. You want to make sure that people are starting to treat and pay you like the artist that you are, and that you aren't signing any contracts that could jeopardize your career.  Here are a few of the things that you need to talk with an entertainment lawyer about.

Current Contracts

If you have already signed any contracts with venues or managers, you have to get copies of these and you want to bring them for the lawyer to look over. The lawyer will decide what you should do with the current contracts you have, and what needs to be changed when you are signing any type of agreements in the future.

Future Contracts

From that point forward all contracts should be drawn up or negotiated by the lawyer that you are going to hire. This lawyer will make sure you get the cost that you want, that your show isn't recorded and shown again for money without your permission or for additional money, and they have the experience needed to know what should go into your contracts.

Copyrighted Image

If you have a certain name that you want to go buy, or if you have a certain image or brand, you may want to try to copyrighted for marketing purposes, and so someone in the field doesn't try to copy you and take your image or name. The lawyer will start working right away to make sure that you can be one of a kind.

Song Writing

If you have been singing your own songs, you need to get them protected right away so no one steals them and then claims it was their own intellectual property. This may be an important part of how you make money and how your career goes.

If you know that you want to be a singer and you are starting to get the media attention that you want, then it's time that you get a lawyer so you can protect yourself and your career at the same time. Meet with an entertainment lawyer to see what their opinion is on what you are currently doing for work, and to see how they can help you further your career.