Want To Move After Your Divorce? What To Consider When Kids Are Involved

If your divorce has recently finalized, you may be considering moving to a new town to start over again. However, this decision becomes much more complicated when there are children involved. Here are some things to consider when you are taking this big step to move when you have custody over your children.

The Emotional Problems

When you have a child that is moving far away from their mom or dad, they will need some help dealing with the changes. It's likely that there will be some struggling soon after moving, which will range from having trouble in school to overall anxiety issues. This is going to be a natural part of transitioning to a new living situation, and you need to help them get through it.

Consider having your child working with a therapist to work out these problems with a professional rather than yourself. This is because the therapist is neutral in their situation, with their advice not being considered biased in the decision that was made to move. You may think that you can help your child work through these problems due to your good relationship with them, but the transition to a new home that is far away from one of their parents can be a tough transition that even you cannot handle.

The Legal Problems

Be aware that there are a few steps that you must take before moving away after a divorce. The first thing to do is read over the divorce decree to find out if there are any restrictions about moving. The court may have placed a restriction on where you can live, as it may be in your child's best interest to live near both parents.

When you want to move away, you'll need to petition the divorce decree in court so that you are allowed to move. Be prepared to argue how the move can help your child through this troubling time rather than focusing on you. That said, you can use the prospect of a new job with a higher salary as a reason for moving, since you can provide a better life for your child.

A divorce lawyer can help you with your divorce decree petition to give you the best possible chance of having it accepted. They will also help you negotiate new terms of the divorce, such as visitation schedules for the parent that does not have custody.

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