Serious Accidents Call For Serious Care

Some accidents are more serious than others. The dividing line between a minor accident and a serious one comes down to your physical injuries. Car accidents that result in catastrophic and severe injuries could create a permanent injury situation. This type of injury level needs special care when it comes to being compensated. Find out more about permanent injury situations from a vehicle accident by reading below.

Be Careful Not to Act Unwisely

The more serious your injuries, the more likely the other driver's insurer is to contact you quickly and want to settle the case. Settling means that you are agreeing to accept a sum of money from the at-fault driver's insurer instead of asking them for more or taking them to court. Some accident victims have not had a chance to talk to a personal injury lawyer about the case by the time the other driver's insurance company calls. Then, they may end up being talked into a settlement that is far less than they deserve and need.

Speak Only To Your Own Lawyer

Higher medical expenses often signal the potential for a permanent injury. The insurer for the other driver may realize that they are responsible for paying your damages and that those damages could be considerable. In an effort to reduce their liability, they may employ a number of tricks to decrease the compensation they owe victims. Take a look at just a few:

  1. Asking you to participate in a recorded phone call in which you are questioned about the accident and your injuries. This provides the accident adjuster with a perfect opportunity to cast doubt on fault, on preexisting injuries, and more.
  2. Insisting that you agree to a settlement and pressuring you into signing an accident release as soon as possible. In reality, you don't even have to speak to the other driver's representation or insurer at all and you should not do so.

The only way to prevent losing a great deal of much-needed compensation is to refuse to speak to anyone about the accident except your lawyer.

Take the Time to Evaluate Your Future

Your personal injury lawyer will take steps to determine how much future medical care you might need later. The time to include provisions for future surgeries, physical therapy, home and vehicle adaptations, etc. is now, not after you have already signed a settlement. Don't allow the other driver or their representation to pressure or trick you into losing valuable money damages. Speak to a personal injury lawyer for more guidance and help in negotiating a fair and complete settlement.

For more information, contact a law firm, such as Carton Law Office, that can help you with your personal injury case.