How to Get Social Security Disability Application Help

If you find working at your job to be impossible because of your medical or mental condition, you might qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The application process can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Read on below and find out what you can do to get valuable help without having to pay any upfront money.

Avoid Paying Upfront Fees

Social security lawyers approved of by the Social Security Administration (SSA) can assist with your application, help you comply with SSA requests for more information, and represent you at your appeal hearing. They do so using a contingency fee plan. That means the lawyer is paid only if you are approved for benefits. The money used to pay them will typically be held from your awarded back pay and paid directly to your attorney by the SSA. The contingency fee agreement's terms must be approved by SSA, which puts limits on how much you are charged. So not only will you not need to pay anything upfront, but you typically won't need to pay more than $6,000, or 25% of your back pay, whichever is lower.

Get Your Application Right the First Time

To get paid a monthly benefit, you must complete an application. This initial step, unfortunately, can prove to be a problem for many applicants. That is mainly due to the extensive amount of information required by the SSA. Most people fill it out as much they can and hope for the best. However, an incomplete or inaccurate application is a waste of time, even if the errors are minor. But an SSD lawyer can help you by completing the application on your behalf. Talk to a social security lawyer about getting help with your application to shorten the process significantly.

Quickly Comply With SSA Requests

Once your application reaches the disability determination stage, you may be asked for more detailed information about your condition. In some cases, you may be asked to send in medical records or even undergo a medical exam by an SSA doctor. Social security lawyers know what is needed and they know how to access the needed records and respond to the SSA in a timely manner so that your application is not held up.

Have Legal Help at Your Appeal

Even if you have not used a social security disability lawyer before, everyone that is turned down by the SSA can benefit from having a lawyer at their appeal hearing. This hearing allows you the opportunity to speak to a hearing officer about the reasons you were turned down. Having a lawyer by your side means having access to social security laws, rules, previous rulings, and experience with what the SSA needs to know about your case.

To learn more about how easy and affordable it can be to have a social security disability lawyer help you with your case, speak to one today.