3 Things A Criminal Lawyer Does When You Hire One

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer for assistance with your criminal charges, what does the lawyer do? Criminal lawyers do many things, but there are three vital things that stand out. Here are the three top things you can expect your criminal attorney to do to help you with your case. The way your lawyer proceeds with your case depends on the situation.

1. Determine If You Should Fight the Charges

When you initially talk to a criminal lawyer about your charges, they will ask questions. The lawyer needs to know what happened, when it happened, and if you played a role in it. They will research your case to find all the possible evidence for it, along with anyone that might have information about the incident. If the lawyer can find eyewitnesses, they will interview them. The purpose of this is to determine if they should proceed with the charges or fight them. If the lawyer finds enough evidence to prove you did not do the crime, they might fight the charges by asking the court to drop them. If this happens, you can breathe freely, knowing the court does not have any criminal charges against you.

2. Work with the Prosecutor on a Plea Bargain

If the lawyer does not think that they can convince the court to drop the charges, they might turn to the second option. This option involves your lawyer working with the prosecutor of the court to reach a plea bargain. In some cases, prosecutors will not allow plea bargains. In other cases, they offer them. Your attorney might have some influence in this decision and in the plea bargain they offer.

3. Prepare for the Trial

When you cannot get a plea bargain or decide not to accept it, your lawyer will begin working on your trial. A criminal trial gives you the chance to let the court hear all the evidence from your case and decide the outcome. Going through a trial takes time and money, but it might be a necessity in your case. You can ask your attorney if this is the right route to take, and you should consider your lawyer's advice when they answer you.

When you face criminal charges, you need legal help. You cannot do it alone. Therefore, you should look for an experienced criminal defense law attorney in your area to hire for help.

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