How To Enhance Your Elderly Parent's Nursing Home Life

Do you have an elderly mother or father who is living in a nursing home or in an assisted living home? If so, it must make you have peace of mind to know that he or she is being taken care of by professionals who are trained to work with elderly patients. On the other hand, you might be having some misgivings about the fact that your elderly parent is not living in your own home. Whether it is because of business obligations, because you feel that you don't have the skills needed to care for your elderly parent, or for any other reason, here are some ideas that might help you to enhance your elderly parent's nursing home life.

Small Things That Can Make A Big Difference - Obviously, your own frequent visits to spend time with your mother or father is probably the highlight of his or her existence. However, there is more that you can do. For example, have you considered that those in assisted care facilities rarely get to see babies and little children? It might be fun for you to ask your friends who have children to pay a short visit to your parent. Or, if your Church has a children's choir, suggest that the choir might sing at your parent's nursing home.

Even though your mother or father might be taken into the larger visiting area daily, he or she might also spend quite a bit of time in his or her own room. Think of how many nurses and other staff members might pop in to say hello to your parent if there is a big jar full of candy, with a little sign that says, Help Yourself! next to it. 

‚ÄčLarger Things That Can Make A Big Difference - Make frequent visits to see your parent without telling the staff that you are going to be arriving at the facility. You will probably find that everything is in good order and that your parent is being beautifully cared for. However, in the chance that you notice any neglect or if you notice that your parent has been injured in any way, or that medicine has been given inappropriately, you might have to hire an attorney to go to bat for your parent. Find an attorney that handles elder law. He or she will be trained and will have the experience needed to make sure that your parent's rights are handled properly. Any restitution that should be made will also be handled by the elder law attorney.