3 Reasons People Fight During A Divorce

It is no secret that couples fight during a divorce. In many cases, the couple prolongs the actual process because they simply cannot agree on things. Although there are many reasons to fight, there are patterns that couples go through of what they fight over. Here are some of the top contenders.

1. Custody

Kids of course are going to be very important in the divorce. If one parent feels like the other is not equipped to care for the children, they may put up a fight. And of course, the other parent isn't going to give up seeing their children that easily. Just like the bear in every parent will protect their children from harm, this bear comes out during divorce and it can get ugly. Usually parents bring up years of hurt, misdoings, and even exaggerations to get the court to see their side of the argument. However, it rarely does any good. In the majority of cases, both parents get custody of the children, and both parents must help to financially support the child. So unfortunately, the fight over custody, usually ends up with the same result, but costing them more money in legal fees.

2. Division Of Assets

Second, couples are usually fighting about how to divide up the estate. Even though the majority of cases have a 50/50 division of assets, it can be hard deciding who gets what. One spouse may get the house, and the other get more liquid assets. This means that one spouse has money to spend, but no where to live, and the other has a place to live, but is poor otherwise. This is why many couples choose to sell the house and split up the cash and let both people spend the money as they need.

3. Child Support and Alimony

After the divorce, couples are still fighting. This is because alimony and child support can be cause for very difficult decisions. If one spouse isn't paying what they should, they can cause tension. It can take a while to get someone to pay what they are owed by going to a judge, and in the meantime one person is in financial ruin. Or the spouse could be paying their share, but the other person doesn't feel it is enough.

These are all common reasons that people fight during and after a divorce. If you can resolve these issues early on, you are more likely to have a favorable divorce. 

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