3 Signs You Were Wrongfully Terminated

The loss of your employment will be challenging. However, if the loss of employment stems from a wrongful matter, the loss can be even more devastating. Unfortunately, many people experience wrongful termination that should be addressed legally. With this guide and an attorney, you will learn a few surefire signs you were wrongfully terminated.


If you were fired because of your race, that is definitely discrimination and a definite sign that you can initiate a wrongful termination lawsuit. However, race is not the only element of discrimination. If you were fired because of your gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, age, military or political affiliation, or pregnancy, you may have a wrongful termination case.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove that you were fired for discrimination. In many instances, the employers will have proof to back up their claim for why you were terminated. This proof may include performance reviews and write-ups, for example. If you truly believe that your termination was due to discrimination of any kind, talk to an attorney today to determine the best course of action.


If your employer terminated your employment in an attempt to retaliate against you, you have a wrongful termination case, as well. One example of retaliation may involve workers' compensation claims or reports made to health/occupational safety professionals. If you filed a workers' comp claim or you made a report about unhealthy/unsafe work conditions and your employer fired you because of this, this is a form of retaliation.

As an employee, you should keep all documents related to your filings, whether they are workers' comp claims and injuries or reports made to government officials. Your attorney will use these claims and reports to build the case that your employer is only retaliating against you.


Employers may have policies in place that designate not only how employees should be hired and trained, but also how they should be managed and fired, if necessary. For example, it may state in the employee handbook that certain write-ups and retraining should be completed before termination. If your employer does not follow these guidelines when terminating your employment, they can have a wrongful termination suit filed against them because these guidelines and specific steps are stated in the employee handbook given to you upon hiring.

Help is available if you believe you were wrongfully terminated. For more information, talk to a wrongful termination attorney today.