Assist A Loved One After A Crime Has Been Committed

When a loved one is arrested for a crime such as breaking and entering, the uncertainty about your relative's fate compiled with the fines that have been handed down can be a wakeup call to the fact that life isn't so easy after all. How can you be an asset to an uncle who has been involved in this type of altercation? Assist your loved one by hiring a criminal defense attorney and by providing emotional support.

Does Your Family Member Take Responsibility For The Action?

After an arrest is made, an arraignment date will be set. Prior to this occurring, your uncle may have received a bail amount that was necessary for his release. This is just the beginning of the legal process. Speak to your loved one about what has occurred and fill him in on the possibilities that await him. There is no use lying about the crime because a judge or jury will probably see through this type of behavior.

It is also best to have an open and honest relationship with a criminal defense attorney. This person is going to be vouching for your uncle's actions and will do their best to buffer the situation at hand, so they won't need any surprises in court, which could weaken your loved one's defense and make him appear as if he has been lying under oath. 

Where Can You Find A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If your uncle doesn't know where to begin to look for legal help, he can start by contacting a local courthouse. He will receive a list of attorneys who work as pubic defenders and if he chooses to utilize one of them, most of his legal fees will be waived. The other option is to go with your gut instinct and select a law firm that employs a team of defense lawyers.

Your relative can meet with his attorney to go over the details of his case, and during this session, he will find out what type of charge/charges he will be facing. Request to attend the meeting so that you can provide your uncle with the support he needs. A plea deal could be offered, but there is no guarantee that this will occur. Your uncle's past will have a bearing on the severity of the penalty that he incurs.

For instance, if your loved one has been in and out of jail for the majority of his adulthood, his sentencing could involve a stint in jail, as well as a fine. If he hasn't been in trouble before and was essentially a victim of circumstance, he will likely receive a much less severe sentence that includes being placed on probation, community service, or a small fine.