Dealing with a Disgruntled Employee Who May Need to Be Fired? Get Professional Legal Help

Trying to deal with a formerly good employee who has gone disgruntled can be a frustrating thing for any business to do on their own. Even worse, they may make mistakes when trying to fire the employee that threaten them with serious legal action. Thankfully, high-quality professional help can minimize this problem. Disgruntled Employees Can Be an Issue Many companies have to deal with angry, upset, or disgruntled employees from time to time. [Read More]

What Securities Law Does, And Why You Will Be Really Glad It Does What It Does

Securities are publicly traded investments. They are an excellent way to build an investment portfolio and make a decent amount of cash safely. Up until a few decades ago, however, securities had no governing laws, rules, or restrictions, which made them not so safe for investors who were not so savvy. When securities laws were constructed and introduced, they were invaluable for a number of reasons. Here is what securities law does, and why you will be very glad that these laws exist. [Read More]

Private Disability Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a doctor, a contractor, or work in a restaurant you are at risk of being injured at work. If this occurs, workman's compensation benefits won't cover all your bills. Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is difficult and the process can take months. Private disability insurance can help you make ends meet until you are able to work again. Here are a few frequently asked questions about private disability insurance. [Read More]

Employer Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Workman's Compensation Claims

As an employer, one of the leading factors affecting your workman's compensation insurance policy rate is the number of claims filed by your employees. The fewer claims filed, the lower your rate will be. Also, the fewer claims made against your company, the less money you will need to pay to workman's compensation lawyers to defend your company's position when unjust or fraudulent claims are filed. While you can't stop your employees from filing a claim if they believe they are injured on the job, there are many things you can do to try and prevent unnecessary and fraudulent claims, including following each of these important tips. [Read More]