How Blended Families Can Help A Child Heal After Divorce

When there is a divorce in a family, possibly no one suffers more than the children. One of the reasons children have such a difficult time dealing with divorce is the infighting that often happens between the spouses and families. Another difficult time is when a child's parent remarries into a new blended family. Ultimately, each family member, whether by blood or through marriage, has to work together and remain mature for the sake of the children. [Read More]

Assist A Loved One After A Crime Has Been Committed

When a loved one is arrested for a crime such as breaking and entering, the uncertainty about your relative's fate compiled with the fines that have been handed down can be a wakeup call to the fact that life isn't so easy after all. How can you be an asset to an uncle who has been involved in this type of altercation? Assist your loved one by hiring a criminal defense attorney and by providing emotional support. [Read More]

3 Signs You Were Wrongfully Terminated

The loss of your employment will be challenging. However, if the loss of employment stems from a wrongful matter, the loss can be even more devastating. Unfortunately, many people experience wrongful termination that should be addressed legally. With this guide and an attorney, you will learn a few surefire signs you were wrongfully terminated. Discrimination If you were fired because of your race, that is definitely discrimination and a definite sign that you can initiate a wrongful termination lawsuit. [Read More]

Tips To Help You Divorce On A Budget

Many people know that divorce costs money, but did you know that you can determine how much your divorce costs? Here are some of the measures you can take to keep your divorce costs down. Don't Go To Court If you decide to go to court, you must prepare to shoulder litigation fees, court filing fees, expert witness fees, and other fees that come with a litigated divorce. If you don't agree on many issues with your spouse, the divorce can drag on for a long time and even cost more money. [Read More]